AKG 200 Pure Shark Liver Oil


AKG-200 shark liver oil extract is excellent in facilitating the production of white blood cells, improving respiratory conditions, managing skin cancer and for anti-inflammatory.

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Shark Liver Oil (SLO)

Shark liver oil is used to make medicine. It is taken from the livers of three species of shark: the deep sea shark (Centrophorus squamosus), the dogfish (Squalus acanthias), and the basking shark (Cetorhinus maximus). The liver makes up about 25% of the total shark bodyweight of these sharks.

Shark liver oil is used along with usual cancer drugs to treat leukaemia and other cancers; to prevent radiation illness from cancer X-ray therapy; to prevent the common coldflu, and swine flu; and to boost the body’s immune system. It is also used for increasing white cell counts during treatment with anti-cancer drugs (chemotherapy). White cells are important in fighting off infection, but many are killed by chemotherapy.

People apply shark liver oil directly to the skin for skin conditions including skin cancer.

Shark liver oil (SLO) has been used to help treat cancer, skin conditions, and respiratory ailments, as well as to reduce recurrent aphthous stomatitis and prevent radiation sickness. Alkylglycerols have been studied as an immune system modulator an anti-inflammatory. Animal data suggest SLO may improve fertility.

What Are Alkylglycerols (AKG)?

ØAlkylglycerols are active substances found in high concentrations in mother’s breast milk, the liver, spleen and bone marrow. AKG200 contains natural Alkylglycerols found in shark liver oil.

ØShark liver oil is a source of alkylglycerols which have been studied as anti-cancer agents in several clinical trials. Moreover, alkylglycerols have been investigated for the treatment of radiation-induced side effects and for their ability to boost the immune system. Several experimental studies have shown the ability of alkylglycerols to open the blood-brain barrier to facilitate the access of therapeutic drugs to the central nervous system.


  • In 1952 Dr Astrid Brohult, a Swedish scientist carried out much research on Alkylglycerols which he sourced from calf bone marrow. Shark liver oil was subsequently found to be a richer source of the same compounds.
  • Sharks are amazing creatures and have been studied by scientists for many years. They appear to be incredibly resistant to infection and sick or malignant sharks have virtually never been found.
  • AKG-200 is produced from a species of dogfish, Squaliformes, which are a by-product of marine fisheries in the North-East Atlantic. These are not an endangered species and we do not fish them specifically for this oil. We are currently seeking the seal of sustainability for the sharks/dogfish we use. This is in line with our company’s dedication to sustainability and marine conservation in all aspects of our business.


  • Squalene is a type of unrefined shark liver oil you will find on sale. Its origin is often from highly endangered species of sharks and it does not contain the methoxy substituted-Alkylglycerols in AKG-200 which research has shown are the most effective. Furthermore, AKG-200 is produced through a molecular distillation process which removes impurities.
  • Shark cartilage on the other hand was once thought to be responsible for the sharks incredibly immunity but it is known commonly now that this comes from the Alkylglycerols in the sharks liver oil.

High Quality

  • The oil in AKG200 is pale yellow oil with a characteristic smell & produced from fresh shark livers.
  • Purified by short-path distillation, filtered and deodorized.
  • All processing takes place in a food grade environment.
  • Stable throughout shelf life and can be stored up to 3 years from production.
  • Quality checks are carried out both in house and by external accredited labs during production.
  • No Vitamins or Minerals are added artificially making them Highly Bioavailable
  • Full traceability maintained.

Health Benefits

Boost Immune System

Produce more White Blood Cells counts

Manage skin cancer

Improves respiratory conditions

Reduce recurrent aphthous stomatitis

Prevent radiation sickness

For anti-inflammatory


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