Today we sampled and reviewed an L-Arginine product called ProArgi9 from Synergy WorldWide. This product is sold in two different sizes in which the smaller jars are less expensive if you buy them in a 3-jar or 4-jar pack. They also come in ‘Stickpacks’ which are single serving packets.

ProArgi9 comes in two different sizes: An 10.81 ounce and a 66.6 ounce jumbo jar. It also comes in ‘Stickpacks’ which are convienent when you are on the go. The 10.81 ounce can be purchased in single jars or in bulk at a lower cost per jar (3-jar and 4-jar packs). But you get the best value per ounce when you buy the ProArgi9 jumbo jar. It was with this jumbo jar that we calculated their cost per ounce. The jumbo jar is $225.00 for 66.6 ounces which is a bit more expensive at $3.38 per ounce.

Taste/Flavor – 3.1

Keeping in mind that we all have different preferances on taste, we found ProArgi9 to have a somewhat pleasent taste. But because ProArgi9 includes Xylitol as a sweetener, with a side-benefit of increased saliva stimulation for healthier teeth. This ingredient left a slight unusual aftertaste.ProArgi9 is available in three flavors, mixed berry, citrus berry and grape flavors. We were unsure what citrus berry tasste like as we did not sample it, but we were somewhat partial to the grape flavor. ProAri9 uses sucralose, so be careful if your body reacts negatively to this sweetener. After adding a few grade points for variety and a deduction for the slight unusual aftertaste, we came up with a grade point of 3.1 on Taste/Flavor.

Nutrition – 3.5

Regarding nutrition, ProArgi9 did well in this section. ProArgi9 contains L-arginine, L-citrullineVitamin B6Vitamin B12Vitamin CVitamin DVitamin K and Folate (Folic Acid) traditionally found in L-Arginine products, ProArgi9 also contains Grape Skin Extract or ResveratrolRed Wine Extractand D-RiboseProArgi9 did lack magnesium and the 72 trace minerals like iron, zinc, manganese, copper, flouride, molybdenum iodine, chromium, and selenium that some of the other L-Arginine products traditionally contain; In small doses, these trace minerals are important to your overall health. After considering all the nutritional value ProArgi9 contained, we came up with a grade of 3.5 for the nutritional grade.