Delivery Policy

The instability in the management of Nigeria’s monetary and fiscal policies has impacted foreign exchange and interest rates regimes in our country. The effect is that many businesses are adversely impacted by these necessary elements. Credit sales have started to weaken our cash flow and profitability.

This is especially so, when our customers are not keeping their credit obligations to our company.

The sales control policy guidelines dated 27th May 2020 has been revised. Therefore, effective November 19th, 2020, the following revised sales control policy guidelines will apply as follows:

All sales must be in cash except as provided for in these guidelines.

  • The cost of product delivery upcountry of two [2] packs or above should be half borne by the
    ii. All sales of one pack to pharmacies upcountry comes with full price in which the pharmacies
    bear the full cost of delivery or condition in clause 10 applies.
  • All sales to direct customers nationwide comes with free delivery at N34,000 per pack for
    ProArgi-9+ and full price payment of N3,000 delivery charge for other brands or a
    combination of brands.

Distributor to Harmony Health Company Limited, Agent of Synergy Worldwide, makers of the award winning ProArgi 9+.

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