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s a popular site for ProArgi-9 Plus, we often get people looking for information on wether or not ProArgi-9 is a scam. In short, no.

ProArgi-9 Plus has been designed to address health issues related to heart disease, cardio vascular disease and diabetes.  It was formulated by Nature’s Sunshine Products (Nasdaq:NATR) in cooperation with Dr. J. Joseph Prendergast,a distinguished certified physician.

Dr. Joe (as he calls himself)  is board-certified in internal medicine as well as endocrinology and metabolism. Dr. Joe uses l-arginine in his practice and has a remarkable record of success with it. He has received many awards including “Father of the Year” in 2008 from the American Diabetes Association and the Father’s Day Council of Silicon Valley and a Certificate of Recognition in 2005 from the American Medical Association for demonstrating outstanding commitment to eliminating health care disparities in the area of access.

ProArgi-9 Plus contains the natural amino acid l-arginine as a key ingredient.  The benefits of l-arginine were validated in 1998 by the awarding of the Nobel Prize in Medicine to three scientists who validated the role of l-arginine in the production of nitric oxide – a key trigger molecule for many of the bodies healing systems.

Here’s some more information about the product, formulator, history and company.

  • First sold in 2004 (as ProArgi9)
  • Reformulated in 2007 in cooperation with Dr. Joseph Prendergast M.D.
  • L-Arginine/L-Cytriline supplement (amino acids)
  • Based on 1998 Nobel Prize winning research from Dr. Louis Ignarro into nitric oxide
  • Internationally distributed through 38 year old publicly traded company
  • Proven safe and effective in human clinical trials (more)
  • Used in heart disease /cardiovascular disease treatments
  • Used in sports performance enhancement
  • Used in erectile dysfunction (ED) treatments
  • Used in diabetes treatment augmentation
  • Board Certified Medical Doctor in Internal Medicine, Endocrinology and Metabolism
  • Published over 40 medical articles (Journal of the American Medical Association, The New England Journal of Medicine and Diabetes Care)
  • No loss of patients from heart attack or stroke in nearly 30 years
  • <1% patient hospital admissions in 18 years including heart attack or stroke
  • Father of the Year 2008, Awarded by the American Diabetes Association
  • 2005 – Awarded special Certificate of Recognition by the American Medical Association
  • 1986 – formed the Endocrine Metabolic Medical Center
  • 1986 – founded the Pacific Medical Research Foundation, a non-profit research foundation
  • 1999 – founded DiabetesWell, an eClinic that helps patients with diabetes
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Established in 1998 – Opens in Japan
  • July 2000 – Entrepreneur magazine and Dunn & Bradstreet research rate #8 in “Top 100 Fastest Growing Businesses in America”
  • November 2000 – Nature’s Sunshine buys Synergy Worldwide
  • September 2001 – Opens in U.S.
  • Fully backed by Nature’s Sunshine – 38 year old debt free company with 5A credit rating
  • Over $50 million a year in sales and still growing fast!
  • More info here
Is Proargi-9 Plus a scam?  It looks like a pretty good deal to me.  An if all these facts, science and research are not enough, Synergy Worldwide stands behind all their products with an unconditional 90-day money back guarantee!  
So you be the judge.  Try ProArgi-9 Plus for yourself and see if you don’t improve your health and just plain feel better.
There are 3 flavors and 2 varieties to fit your taste and lifestyle. Try in now and put ProArgi-9 Plus it to the test.